The ATRQ inc Objectives


Below, reproduced in full are the objectives of the Association. You might also be interested in the Model Rules of the ATRQ, which are available for download from this subpage.


The objects of the association are –

(a) To protect and advance the character, status and interests of members.

(b) To represent members collectively or individually concerning legislative measures, proposals, Government regulations or enactments which may affect the interests of the Association and/or its members.

(c) To promote Tourist Railways and to draw to the attention of Government and non government bodies the role played by members in preserving, re-creating and presenting to the public aspects of Australian Railway Heritage.

(d) To monitor and assist to improve the service provided to the public by means of the exchange of information and statistics between members.

(e) To help promote and draw to the attention of Government and non-government bodies, the benefits of member organisations to the local and wider community.

(f) To establish common policies, codes, rules, regulations or guidelines to assist in and where necessary facilitate such things as:-

 (i) The standard of preservation;

(ii) Research and historical interpretation;

(iii) The limits of responsible commercialism;

(iv) Advertising and the use of the media;

(v) Accountability for collection and curatorial responsibility;

(vi) Rail Safety Standards;

(vii) Accreditation / Operational Rules.

(g) To promote and encourage co-operation between members and with members of other organisations having Purposes similar to those of the Association.

(h) To promote a system linking members with museums and other kindred bodies with the aim of improving museum standards.

(i) To purchase lease or otherwise acquire any real or personal property which may be deemed necessary or convenient for carrying out the objectives and purposes of the Association and to manage, improve or develop any such property and to sell or otherwise dispose of any property of the Association.

(j) To provide such advisory or collaborative services as may assist members in the development, promotion and operation of their Railway activity.

(k) To borrow, raise and manage money in such manner and with or without security as the Association may think fit to attain or further any or all of the above Purposes.

(l) To promote a united and common approach to assist members with common problems such as insurance, accreditation issues, etc, and work jointly to overcome these issues and situations.

(m) To provide training programs and/or joint educational program/materials as required for the benefit of members and the public.

(n) To do all other lawful acts, deeds and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above Purposes.


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