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News from our member organisations and upcoming ATRQ and ATHRA events will be published on these pages. We’ll also dredge up articles of interest from the mainstream media that is relevant to T&H Railway operators. Scroll  down to read more!


Perry has Landed (ANGRMS)

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Terry from ANGRMS writes:

I am excited to be able to announce that today, Thursday 6th November 2014, ANGRMS took delivery of the Perry steam locomotive and a surplus wagon from Dreamworld.

It is a great credit to all involved in ANGRMS that Dreamworld chose to donate this locomotive and wagon to ANGRMS.

The loco needs a bit of work and we are still to undertake a detailed assessment. At this stage the tentative plan is to have it operational about April/May next year (as well as the physical work there is also a lot work to accredit the loco, do driver training etc). Once Melbourne is operational again it will drop back to standby loco. When Bundy and Melbourne are both back in operation, the loco can then commence a full overhaul.

This additional operational steam loco will allow us to much better manage our operation steam loco assets.

Briefly the history of this loco is:

This 16t steam loco was built in 1951 by the Perry Engineering Company, Mile End, South Australia for the Bingera Sugar Mill near Bundaberg. In 1974, after its career hauling sugar cane came to an end, it was saved for preservation at the Goulburn Museum of Historic Engines near Goulburn NSW. It was purchased privately in 1977 and moved to Panania in NSW.

In 1982 it was purchased by Dreamworld on the Gold Coast for their railway. It operated at Dreamworld until 2013 when it was stored. This year it was donated to ANGRMS for use on our Woodford Railway.

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Terry from ANGRMS reports:

Over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of August, the 100th non-wooden (concrete or steel) sleeper was installed on our main line. These new sleepers should last much longer than the wooden ones and reduce our maintenance burden in the long term, something that is always important with a volunteer led organisation.

Well done on the long term planning!

Installing 100th Steel or Concrete Sleeper Mainline Sat 9th Aug 2014 BB



With this Friday being ANZAC day it is important that we all pause and remember those who made the supreme sacrifice. As road transport was still in its infancy, railways played an important part in World War One. Many Australian railway personal involved both here and abroad, with several railway squadrons. ANGRMS at Woodford and the Workshops Museum at Ipswich both have Hunslet steam locomotives built for use in World War 1. Light railways played an important part in WW1. In the environment of the Western Front, main line railways could get no closer than five to eight kilometres from the trenches , as they were a prime target for artillery and were very expensive to install and maintain. Therefore light railways were a vital link between the mainline railways and the front.
ANGRMS  will be laying a wreath at the Woodford Ceremony (commencing at 10:30am) in memory of those Australian railway personnel who paid the supreme sacrifice


Bundaberg Railway Museum to Reopen

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One of the victims of the widespread devastation during the Australia Day Floods in Bundaberg, was the Bundaberg Railway Museum.  After months of hard work by volunteers and the local community, they have set a date for the reopening of the Museum for the 28th September 2013.
They plan to have an open day from 10.00 am until 3 pm, with a sausage sizzle from until 1 pm. To Help fundraising efforts there is a raffle of a Bull Signed Cricket Bat (donated by  from QR) and also 3 family passes for the Ipswich Workshops (donated by the workshops)  at $1.00 a ticket.  There will also a miniature train set up containing models of QR loco’s and other rollingstock.
ATRQ urges as many of our groups to attend this reopening and give the lads a bit of moral support, to get this unique operation going again after the trauma they have had to go through. A likely activity at the completion of the event would be that attending members of ATRQ will go for a few cleansing ales and dinner on the Saturday evening. If you’d like to join us let Peter Ford know ASAP.
If we could get an indication of numbers by the 20th September, we can let them know so they will have enough sausages etc. You will have to organise your own accommodation  etc.

What’s in a Name?

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Some information has been received that people from an entity named Cairns-Kuranda Steam Rail QLD are approaching heritage operators seeking lease or purchase of rolling-stock for proposed use in Cairns. Please note that this entity is in no way associated with the Cairns Kuranda Steam Trains limited Partnership, who operate the Savannahlander, are informally known as Cairns Kuranda Steam or CKS, and also trade as CairnsRail.

At time of writing, Cairns-Kuranda Steam Rail QLD are not an accredited railway operator, nor do they have agreements and ICPs lodged with accredited railway managers.


High Risk Work Licence

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With the introduction of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, came changes to the requirements that affects holders of the nationally recognised Certificates of Competency for Boiler Certificates and Reciprocating Steam Engines. Typically these were used in the Tourist and Heritage rail sector by drivers and firemen on steam locomotives and issued from March 1992. Prior to that there were “old style” certificates issued. These certificates have now become obsolete and need transferred over to a new High Risk Work Licence for those that wish to continue to legally operate steam locomotives. Another change is that HRWL’s are only valid for five years and therefore must be renewed at the end of that period. Old licences or Certificates must be transferred by 30 June 2013, so there is not much time left.

The process to transfer old certificates of competency is quite simple, although it will cost you $70.00.

An application form is obtained from the post office. You need to carefully fill in the form, in black pen only and no mistakes. Post office staff will explain this. You need a recent passport quality photo, your old certificates or licences, and 100 points of identification – I used a passport (70 points) and a drivers licence (40 points). All this documentation is checked at the post office and they submit the form for you. You even get your old certificates back.

More information is at the Work Health Website.


Anybody concerned with Tourist and Heritage Rail will have been shocked to learn of the events that occurred at the MVHR on 2 April. This post is not about discussing that incident specificly, as this has been covered well enough elsewhere. This is more about any flow on actions that might arise from the incident,  together with the possibility of a requirement to review the security measures your operation has in place, assuming you belong to an accredited railway.

The need to address this issue should appear in an approved SMS under a heading similar to Security Management Plans, and is a requirement of the Transport (Rail Safety) act 2010. The Queensland Rail Safety Regulator provides guidance on this matter, through factsheet G13 which is available from their website (click the link).

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ANGRMS and the Woodford Mens Shed

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Terry from ANGRMS reports:

ANGRMS is now working with the newly formed Woodford Mens Shed and has now formally signed a lease allowing them to use part of our land.

We are in a form of partnership with them, and and via them with the Woodford Lions Club.

To formally sign the lease, ANGRMS and the Woordford Mens Shed help an Open Day on Sunday 24th February 2013. Unfortunately it was not the best of days weather wise but we still had a good crowd show up.

The local council commissioned two videos of the event which have been published to You Tube.

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Invitation: Open Day at ANGRMS

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The Australian Narrow Gauge Museum Society in conjunction with the Woodford and Region Mens Shed (WARMS) invite you to an open day at the Woodford Railway Station, 26 Margaret St, on Sunday 24 February between 10:00 and 1400. Entry to this event is free, and there is a barbecue and train rides for a gold coin donation. As well as a fun filled day of entertainment, there will be an official opening of WARMS, exhibitions of work by Shedders, and a presentation by the Woodford Lions Club.


Australia by Rail Mobile App

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A new smart phone mobile app has been released that provides information about many things rail. It’s call Australia by Rail, and there are versions for Android and iOS. Not only are heritage railways featured, but main state rail organisations are included, together with other rail related topics such as web forums, rail tour providers, Rail Trails, Trams and museums also get a mention. If you are travelling, it will tell you how far you are from an attraction based on where your phone thinks you are.

With the ‘dynamic’ nature of heritage railways, some of the information in the app might be a little out of date, especially if your railway is addressing regulator concerns. However the developer, Tim Richards, is very quick to respond to information provided to keep the app current.

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