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The aim of this section of the site is to gather the technical and administrative material that you need to keep your railway running. This can be a repository of handy stuff, and links to information. Let us know what you want.

New items will be published on their own subpages, with excerpts of new posts copied to this page for a short period of time – (until I work out how to do ‘custom posts’ )


A page has been set up to file ATRQ members newsletters, in the hope that they might achieve a wider distribution. The page kicks off with a contribution by the AHHR

ATHRA Lesson Plans


As introduced in this news post, the ATHRA Lesson plans are now available for review and download from this site. The files available are .PDF files which means that they cannot be edited, but they can be reviewed to assess their relevance to end user Tourist and Heritage Railways. The lesson plans are designed to be adapted to the specific requirements of each railway or tramway, while still ensuring that a common training standard is attained and maintained across the whole T&H Sector. As a start, T&H Railways considering using the plans should refer to the ‘Customisation Guidelines‘ document which spells out the intended use and scope of the plans.

The editable .doc files are also available from the ATRQ. Financial ATRQ member groups may request copies of the files by emailing the committee. Please let us know which specific packages you would like sent, and what railway / tramway you are from in your email.

The full list of the downloadable lesson plans are on the Training Page

Rolling Stock Register


So you want to know whose got what stuff? The ATRQ rollingstock registers are available as PDF document download. Clicking the links will open the files in a browser window, however you can download them to your local computer by right clicking the links and ‘Save Link As’ (or similar, depending on your operating system).

Corrections can be emailed to the keeper of the register.

Preserved Steam Locomotives

Preserved Diesel Locomotives

Preserved Railmotors (Trams etc)

Lubricating Oil Info


It is possible that some steam railways are not using the correct steam cylinder oil in their superheated locos. The proper stuff is hard to get. The ATRQ recommend Morris Lubricants, who produce a range of products for all types of preservation work.  Download the Brochure here.

Note that this is 2.5 Mb Download




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