The ATRQ has purchased a number of SD 1032 universal wheel gauges to be on sold to member organisations. Monitoring of wheel wear and condition should be an important part of an operating railways maintenance system. Worn wheels increase the risk of derailment and their condition should be regularly checked and monitored. The advantage of this gauge is that quantitative measurements can be taken of flange and tread wear on the wheel. The advantage of this gauge over the G345 or G292 gauges that most organisations will have, is that the current crop only provide for go / no go condition. Allowing a wheel to wear down to condemning limits severely affects the life of the wheel, due to the amount of metal that needs to be turned off it to restore the profile. There is evidence that providing for a light skim early in the wear cycle can greatly increase wheel life – some sources suggest at least doubling the life of a wheel. The SD 1032 can assist in this as tabling the results of inspections will allow the wear rate to be mapped, and therefore allow railways to nominate a ‘running limit’ and nominate a future date for re-profiling.

The gauge will cost $360 per unit and can be obtained through Peter Ford at ATRQ. There is a contact form below the images that can be used to order or query the gauges.

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