Meeting with the National Regulator

On 28/08/2012, in Meeting, Members, by ATRQ Admin

The ATRQ has been invited to attend a meeting with the National Rail Safety Regulator, Mr Rob Andrews, during early October. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss any issue or concerns from the Queensland Tourist and Heritage sector.

If any ATRQ groups have some points they wish to have raised with the Regulator, they are welcome to submit them to the ATRQ President  by email . Submissions will be vetted to ensure that only relevant issues and concerns relating to rail safety and national regulation will be raised. A response (or request for clarification) will be made for all submissions.

And just to save some typing, submissions along the lines of “we don’t think rail safety regulation is needed for our group” will not be entertained. We are looking for topics, ideas or concerns that if addressed, will benefit the T&H sector across the entire state.

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