ANGRMS Track Extension Commences

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Contributed by Terry Olsson


The first stage of a plan to double the length of ANGRMS mainline is about to commence. (See below for update to this post)


ANGRMS has been held back in its plans to extend its track by the need to install a level crossing over Peterson Rd at Woodford. Thanks to the generosity and support of the Moreton Bay Regional Council, tenders have now been let for the construction of the level crossing. Work is expected to commence late April/early May.


There is still a lot of work for ANGRMS to do finishing off the crossing, building a new re-aligned mainline, run around loop and new platform at Storey Brook to connect the existing track with the level crossing, plus the necessary paper work such as Interface Agreements etc.

ANGRMS would be very interested to hear from anyone or any company who would like to volunteer or donate materials or their services to help with this exciting project. We can be contacted via our website

Update: Three new photos taken on 21 April have been added to the gallery below. These photos show the early stages of works on the level crossing project.

Update: A new photo taken on 26 May has been added to the gallery. Showing the level  crossing works after thermit welding of the rails.

Update: More photos taken on 9 June show the completed trackwork in the crossing. Now just needs connecting, some signals, and a bit of paperwork! Thanks again to Terry Olsson


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