Savannahlander Maintenance Update

On 09/01/2012, in Members, News, by ATRQ Admin

The Savannahlander is part way through their 10 week annual shut down. The shut down coincides with what is historically expected to be the worst part of the wet season, especially west of the ranges. As the crew will often tell you, it’s a bad time of year to be stuck on the wrong side of a bridge. The shut down is used for their annual maintenance program, as well as letting staff burn off some leave. Of course, when working on aged rolling stock, things often don’t go quite according to plan. The Savannahlander has posted a news item to their website and is worth a read to see what goes on during the so called ‘quiet periods’. In case you missed, here is the link.

So that’s some news from the Savannahlander. What is your railway up to? Let us know so we can publish your story here, or link to a story on your website (saves us typing). Stuff that you’re doing, while perhaps routine to your group, might assist another member group puzzling over a similar problem.


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