A Visit to the MHR

On 08/11/2011, in Members, by ATRQ Admin

A common question asked around the traps is ‘what do they do at the Mackay Heritage Railway?’  It turns out there is quite a bit, with a fair bit of innovation and application of some modern thinking and processes to old equipment. This will be important for when they realise their dream of running BB18 1/4 1037 on the mainline again. Instead of wasting words about the MHR, we’ll let some pictures do the talking.

The slideshow below has been taken from a power point presentation done by Peter Ford. There are 36 pictures in the presentation, each lasting 6 seconds. I don’t think the captions will display in the slide show, so if you want to read the comments that are associated with each image, click through to page two on the continue reading link, and you will see the image gallery posted there. Click the thumbnail to view the full size image and caption.

The Gallery that feeds the slide show:

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